2007 “AIRSHIP”

Pop Wagner & Dakota Dave Hull • Airship • Arabica Records CF-11
Pop Wagner: vocal, guitar, fiddle; Dakota Dave Hull: baritone guitar, guitar, piccolo guitar, harmony vocal

    * I’ll Rise When the Rooster Crows
    * Guess Who’s in Town
    * Shady Grove
    * Who Will Care for Thee
    * Cindy
    * I Once Loved a Sailor
    * Good Friday
    * Drought Year
    * Might Not Never Come Home
    * Shake Sugaree
    * Old Joe Coleman’s March / Peeler Creek
    * Grizzly Bear
    * Little Sadie
    * Wait ‘Til the Clouds Roll By
    * Starlight on the Rails


2006 “Cinchin’ Saddles and Pullin' Bridle Reins”

Old time songs, poems and ballads about horses and the people who love them. You don't have to love horses to appreciate this timeless collection.

    * Hittin’ the Trail Tonight
    * Drive Them Critters
    * Roving Cowboy
    * Tennessee Stud
    * Stewball
    * Bravest Cowboy
    * Doney Gal
    * Choppo
    * Manito
    * Buddies in the Saddle
    * Platonia
    * Tarry Not
    * Strawberry Roan
    * Old Paint
    * Palomino Pal of Mine


2002 “Spark of Life” (Pop Wagner and Friends) on Oasis

Description: On "Spark of Life" Pop Wagner performs Oldtime Stringband music, Country Blues, Cowboy Ballads and original material assisted by Bob Douglas, Adam Granger and Dakota Dave Hull. (click a song title to hear a sample)

    * Dance All Night With a Bottle In My Hand.mp3
    * Jealous Hearted Me.mp3
    * Goodbye Miss Liza.mp3
    * Frankie and Albert.mp3
    * Goodbye To My Stepstone.mp3
    * Otto Wood the Bandit.mp3
    * Jeraldine.mp3
    * Lone Pilgrim.mp3
    * Trail to Mexico.mp3
    * I Took My Gal a' Walkin'.mp3
    * You've Been a Friend to Me.mp3
    * The Golden Vanity.mp3
    * Peach Pickin' Time.mp3
    * Danville Blues.mp3
    * Stop That Thing.mp3


1994 “Forty A Month And Found” (Pop Wagner and Friends)

Description: Pop Wagner performs old time Cowboy songs and poems with Bob Bovee and Gail Heil.

    * Kiyee, kiyo
    * Old Paint
    * Harriet
    * Ridge Runnin’ Roan
    * Big Sciota
    * The Cowboy Hat at the High Class Soirée
    * Ms. McLeod’s Reel
    * Snagtooth Sal
    * Forty a Month and Found
    * Jake & Roanie
    * Lee’s Ferry
    * Zebra Dunn
    * Pert’ Near Perkins
    * Utah Carroll
    * A Little Big Foot
    * Roll On Little Doggies
    * Saddle Bum
    * Monday Night Breakdown / Blake’s Beige Blanket in the Bunkhouse


1988 Disco on the Bayou (Pop Wagner and Friends) 
on Oasis (originally released on Train on the Island Records)

Description: Pop Wagner performs Country Blues, Cajun and original material (including the underground hit "Impressionists Two-Step") with a host of friends.

    * Disco on the Bayou
    * Louisiana ‘Bo
Monday Night Breakdown/
Blake’s Beige Blanket in the Bunkhouse
    * I Saw the Light
    * Madronas
    * J’ai Passé Devant ta Porte
    * Impressionists 2-Step
    * I-Yi-Yi
    * Making Music With You
    * Eli Green’s Cakewalk
    * Daisies on the Island
    * Le Paradis des Musiciens
    * Dance Close and Snuggle
    * South Wind


1977 Pop Wagner and Bob Bovee 
on Oasis (originally released on Train on the Island Records)

Description: Traditional Old Time Folk Music with some Original material 
in traditional style.

    * Didn’t He Ramble
    * Sail Away Ladies
    * Roving Gambler
    * Daddy Let Me Know Before You Go
    * Sweet Talkin’ Mama
    * I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister
    * Old 97, Where Did You Go?
    * The Cowboy
    * Chesterfields
    * Skid Row
    * Yella Gal / Rye Straw
    * Streetsinger’s Heaven
    * Northern Line
    * Hobb Dye
    * Whiskey in my Glass
    * Bringin’ in the Georgia Mail
    * Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
    * Hobo Blues
    * Blue Mountain
    * Milwaukee Blues
    * Going Back to Dixie


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2008 "HONKY TONK RANCH" 409-003

Now available on 409 Recordings!

Pop Wagner & The Twin City Playboys

have just released a lively collection of

country/swing/Cajun and originals.

Take Me Back To Tulsa

My Old Friend Whiskey


Keeper Of My Heart

J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte

Oklahoma Hills

Cleo's GatorOld Fashioned Cowboy

Petit Galop Pour Mamou

Move It On Over

Westphalia Waltz


30 Years of Pop Wagner Recordings......

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Minnesota folkies Pop Wagner,

Charlie Maguire and bluesman

Tony Glover have joined forces

in this tribute to Woody Guthrie

that celebrates the beginning of

Woody’s 100th year!

Released on Guthrie’s 99th

birthday, July 14, 2011,

order your copy now!

Songs include Baltimore to Washington,

Pastures of Plenty, End of My Line,

Stepstone, High Floods and Low Waters,

Oklahoma Hills, Jiggy Jiggy Bum Bum, Take A Whiff On Me, Roll on Ocean, New York Town, Government Road, Dust Bowl Refugee, The Northern Line and Good Night Little Darlin’ Goodnight.

2014 “Happy Landings”

Adam Granger and Pop Wagner

Cuts include Amelia Erhart's Last Flight, Ain't Got No Place to Go, Bill Morgan and His Girl, Candy Man, Somebody Loves You, Federals, 9 Pound Hammer, Sweet Suite, Careless Love, Rolling on a Winter's Night, Going Down that Long Lonesome Road, Been All Around this World, Hello Stranger, Methodist Pie, Roving Gambler and Lamentation for William Hinkley.